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Background Artist (Extra)

Rate: £100
Role: Non-recognisable; part of the crowd; there to enhance the authenticity of the scene; isn’t interacting with any of the featured cast and doesn’t affect the course of the narrative.

'Walk On' Artist

Rate: £250 BSF plus possible buyout dependent on time/interaction on camera
Role: Noticeable (facially or by body part) with no/ minimal dialogue but supporting/ interacting with the featured artist(s) and not leading the storyboard;given specific and personal direction from the Director on camera, irrespective of usage/final cut.

Featured Artist

Rate: £300 plus buyout dependent on time on camera / usage
Role: Plays an essential part in how the story is relayed; delivers dialogue; leads the narrative; is given specific and personal direction from the Director on camera.

Stand-In Artist

Rate: £200
Role: Generally a size, skin tone and hair match for Talent. Stands in for the Talent whilst framing up shots/lighting etc. Is never recorded on camera for transmission.

Body Double

Rate: £250
Role: On camera look-alike / body-double for Talent. Size, hair, skin tone and face match for Talent. In essence IS the talent for select shots.

These rates are based on a 10 hour day (between 7am and 11pm) and including a 1 hour lunch break (refreshments/meals provide by production). Thereafter overtime is calculated by the hour (no partial hours) at 1/5 of the daily rate.

  • Artists asked to perform a specific skill eg. play a musical instrument, ride a horse, drive a car etc. will be eligible for a supplementary fee (no less than £20).
  • Outside of London’s M25: Travel costs (£20 standard minimum)
  • Call time pre 7am: early call fee (£20) + any related transport costs.
  • Night Shoots: wrap times beyond 11pm are classed as ‘Night shoots’. The fee per artist is time and a half of the agreed day rate.
  • Wrap times beyond 11pm/ last public transport connection home: Production is required to provide pre-paid taxis to escort artists home.